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Discovering Golf Club Lanzo and the activities of Lake Como Golf courses

Lake como golf - Golf Club Lanzo

Shoes, gloves, clubs and balls, gather your equipment and discover the beautiful golf courses around Lake Como.

Hills, mountains, paths and the lake: the landscape around Lake Como offers the possibility of practising a wide range of sports. Since decades, the area is one of the main points of arrival for tourists who want to enjoy the wonders of nature, the comfort of luxury hotels and the fascination of local History. But travellers also want to have fun climbing the mountain paths by bike or feet and playing in the renowned Lake Como golf courses scattered all over the hills. The variety of golf courses is, in fact, one of the main attractions of the area. Located in the woods within beautiful valleys, they were often built between the sixties and seventies by famous architects. Many courses frequently host prestigious competitions, thanks to the locations that allow different levels of difficulty, and to the high number of holes, they offer, that can vary from 9 to 18.

Golf Club Lanzo, playing in the woods at an altitude of 1000 mt height.

Designed in 1962 by Donald Harradine, a great Swiss architect, Golf Club Lanzo is one of the most popular golf courses near Lake Como. Built within Piano delle Noci, this golf club is located in Lanzo d’Intelvi, just 1-hour drive both from Como and Menaggio, and offers a stunning view of the surrounding valleys. The course is situated at an altitude of 1000 mt height, and it expands across the woods, offering the players the possibility of adventuring through beeches and clearings while following the 9-hole course.

In the year of its foundation, Golf Club Lanzo represented the 25th golf course ever built in Italy, and a spirit of friendship and community inspired its creation. Indeed, the idea of a Golf Club came from Emilio Artesani, passionate in golf, that saw the potential of a sport strictly bound with nature in a territory like Lanzo D’Intelvi. At first, he founded the Club with a small group of friends, none of them was a professional player, but they all used to spend the summer holidays together in Lanzo and, year after year, they learned more and more about the valley and the surrounding area. Later, the result of Emilio Artesani’s idea was a group of families working together, sharing time, hobbies and past experiences to create something that in a few years would have brought to life one of the most popular golf clubs in the area of Como.

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Discovering the services of lake Como golf at Golf Club Lanzo.

Today, Golf Club Lanzo has grown, and it offers a wide range of services. As regards the sport, within the golf course area, you can find a driving range, supervised by Vincenzo Damonte. There, many golf lessons take place, including practice beginners, improvement and golf lessons for disabled players. The driving range includes six indoor designated stations, provided with a wooden canopy, and eight outdoor stations. The area is also equipped with putting green and a practice bunker.

Besides practice courses, within the golf club, you can find a pro shop, which offers a great selection of sportswear, sports shoes and technical equipment from the best brands. There are also clothes, gadgets and all kinds of products marked with the Golf Club Lanzo logo. Also, the pro shop offers fitting and substitution services for every equipment, you can find assistance in changing your golf shaft, adjusting your lie angle, your grip and the loft of your golf sticks.

Instead, after spending a day practising and playing through the whole course, you can rest enjoying food, drinks and warm hospitality at the club restaurant. If you’re lucky enough, you can end up celebrating one of the many themed nights organized by the Club on the occasion of special events, like Christmas Night or New Year’s Party. 

Golf Club Lanzo Ryder Cup project

With “Golf at School” one of the main objectives of the Ryder Cup 2022 Project, learning how to play golf at school, discovering the values ​​of an educational and aggregating sport becomes a reality.  The Italian Golf Federation wants to involve young people as the driving force for a generational turnover.

“Golf a School” Project, developed by the Italian Golf Federation in collaboration with the Istituto per il Credito Sportivo, the only public bank in the country supporting Sport and Culture, and with the sponsorship of CONI and the Italian Paralympic Committee, owes the organizational task of the Committees and FIG Regional Delegations.

“Golf at School” is a means of preventing and fighting bullying and youthful discomfort, promoting a lifestyle dedicated to sport – also for children with disabilities – involving families in spreading the culture of respect and inclusion.

The Ryder Cup project will develop over four years and this year will involve 32 schools throughout the country for a total of 102 classes (Third, Fourth and Fifth Primary for each Institute). The activity consists of 3 hours of lessons per week for each school divided into one hour per week for each class.

The golf lesson, in agreement with the school management and the teachers, integrates and replaces the hour of physical education inside the gyms with the federal teachers who will bring the students to the course. For all participating schools, a school kit conceived and created by the Librì Progetti Educativi Publishing in ​​collaboration with the FIG and a package of specific equipment for the practice will be used during the lessons, entirely free of charge.

Lake Como Golf - Golf Lanzo

Play golf near lake Como with your furry friend by your side: Golf Club Lanzo is dog-friendly and convenient.

Speaking about Golf Club Lanzo, an important value to be mentioned is that it’s a dog-friendly club. The possibility of bringing your four-legged friend with you is not only a valuable service in the eyes of dog lovers, but also a practical help for those who decide to spend the holidays in one of the dog-friendly hotels nearby lake Como, like our Hotel Loveno, and want to enjoy all kind of tourists activities without having trouble for bringing their furry friends with them. Lake Como golf courses, in fact, also make special agreements with the surrounding hotels, like special prices or services. Hotel Loveno is one of them; indeed, the Club offers a reduction on the green fee to the clients of the hotel. 

Playing and travelling: how to reach Hotel Loveno and lake Como from the golf courses.

If you do not have a car with you, Golf Club Lanzo is also easily reachable from Hotel Loveno by bus. Starting from the hotel, you can take bus line C10 which runs from Como to Colico and vice versa and get off at Argegno Bivio per Schignano, then change to bus line C20 which runs from Como to Lanzo and vice versa and get off at Lanzo Piazza Ianfranconi. From there, you can reach Golf Club Lanzo in 20 minutes by feet. From the golf club, you can also head directly to lake Como, again by bus. Starting from the golf course, you should take bus line C20, travel for about 30 minutes, then get off at Argegno Piazza Roma. From there, take bus line C10 and get off at Menaggio Istituto Vanoni. Then, you’ll be just one minute by feet away from the lake.

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