Sustainable Tourism – What does it mean for us?

Sustainable tourism defined by UNWTO is described as the kind of tourism that takes full account of its current and future economic, social and environmental impacts, addressing the needs of visitors, the industry, the environment and host communities.


We have started on our path to sustainability with some attention as managers, for example:

  • the possibility of separate waste collection for both guests and ourselves, from the beginning paper, plastic, glass and we also put compost (this year we only put grass cuttings in our compost bin as the town collected the rest);

  • instead of individual bars of soap, we put liquid soap in dispensers (maybe now at the end of the season we have found the right dispensers!);

  • cloth tablecloths instead of paper tablecloths, we have kept only the leftover paper for now and use it outside as we had to finish our stocks;

  • instead of handing out the paper timetable, we printed and laminated one that guests are happy to photograph;

  • we have joined a tree vs room cleaning programme, and even this year we have had a response. We practically give a previously purchased tree to the person who chooses not to have their room cleaned. it is called up2you

  • we’ve changed suppliers for the single doses of bath foam, we’ve opted for a product with an ecolabel (I’d love to get rid of plastic, but it’s not easy, I’m looking for at least recycled plastic, but there’s not much choice.