Marathon Trail 2022 – the biggest autumn sports event of Lake Como

When it comes to sports, Lake Como is always on the frontline.

Last October 1st, Menaggio hosted a new edition of the Marathon Trail, a long-distance mountain running race in the north-western area of the Lariani mountains, in the Pre-Alps.

An annual event, organized by the agonist Matteo Molinari, counting each year hundreds of participants.

The start and finish of the race have been in Menaggio, and it was possible to choose between two distances: one of 42km with an altitude gradient of 2,400mt and the other of 21km with an altitude gradient of 1,450mt.

A real challenge for all the 120 participants who came to Menaggio and enjoyed the race.

Trail running ad its rules

Trail running is the perfect sport to be attended in such a place as Lake Como and its surroundings, even though it can be done everywhere.

The main rule is that trail running must be done in a place full of nature and in the open air, not rigorously on the mountains but outdoors.

The trail must be a mix of unpaved, rocky, stony terrain, sometimes going up sometimes going down, in a continuous alternation of pavements.

This year, Marathon Trail 2022 started and ended in Menaggio, a lovely village on Lake Como shores, which is also the city of our Hotel Loveno.

We are proud to have hosted a couple of participants who, in less than 10 minutes, reached the starting point walking from our Hotel. Hotel Loveno is located in a strategic position, enjoying the uphill lake view but close to all services and Menaggio centre. 

The Molinari Triathlon Association, volunteers, sponsors, Menaggio Red Cross, and Alpine Rescue contributed to the success of the Marathon Trail 2022, making this annual event amusing and enjoyable for all participants.

Trail running is viewed as a more spiritual activity than roadside running or jogging. For this reason, in the last years, it has gained importance thanks also to the attention to the environment. It’s for this reason that it is always more practiced in natural landscapes. 

This is something we love!

Lake Como and its outdoor sports

We all know that Lake Como is the ideal place for all sports lovers, especially when they are held outdoors.

All-season sports, stunning views in every direction, and an exciting atmosphere make Lake Como the perfect location where spending some free time.

Especially in the last years, there are many new sports to be passionate about, such as the sup or the kayak experience. Kitesurfing, paragliding, jet boating, and others are also among the top 10 most loved sports to do on Lake Como.

Our Lake is among the richest in activities and therefore among the best in Italy for all sports lovers.

Marathon Trail 2022 – between lake and mountains

The distances of Lake Como Marathon Trail were challenging, 42 and 21 km, respectively 2450 and 1450 meters in height, in breathless surroundings.

Those who arrive at the start on Menaggio lakeside expect to struggle with a lot of effort. The route includes an asphalted, cobbled road, concrete ramps, many mule tracks, and various paths that lead up to an altitude of 2100, to the summit of Monte Bregagno, a peak that offers views both on Lake Como, but even on Valtellina and the Po Valley.  In short, the paradise of trail runners who find fertile ground as this competition is considered the toughest in Italy in these distances.

At the starting point, from the heart of Menaggio a few steps from the lakefront, 120 athletes showed up ready to face the roughness, all uphill in the first part and mainly downhill in the second: passing through Plesio, Sant’Amate, and the aforementioned Bregaglio peak previously, returning by retracing some stretches in the opposite direction and extend from Rogolone for an evocative crossing of a Romanesque bridge. 

What’s needed is strength, but also a lot of technique, breath and clarity, strategy and cunning. 

In K42, Rudy Colli was the best, completing the trail in 5h38’33”, conquering his victory in the second phase of the race; on the podium, Roberto Pozzoli and Alan Crosta too, separated by 10 and 12 minutes respectively. Among women, Lucia Moraschinelli was the best, with a race time of 5h38’33”; in the medal area, Claudia Scholz and Elena Perazzi too.

In K21, success was announced for Massimiliano De Bernardi, born and raised in Menaggio and a profound connoisseur of the slopes overlooking the Lario. 2h24’55 ”the time trial of the 39-year-old menaggino who precedes Daniele Rava and Filippo Crippa. In the women’s race, the success went to the polish Beata Winiarczyk, who arrived in 3h18’45” ahead of Daniela Leoni and Claudia Battaglia.

There are also those who finished after more than 10 hours, but the joy of reaching the finish line (and putting on the finisher medal around their neck) after crossing these long-enchanted ones immediately repaid the enormous effort made.

Let’s see what will happen next year! We are all ready for a new edition of the Marathon Trail.

With its three branches, the enchanting villages, the luxurious villas and the landscape that becomes wild, the pristine mountains and the magnificent views, Lake Como is a place to be.

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– Sara