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Looking for exciting things to do on Lake Como? Do you love food and wine? So…take note!

If you’re looking for new things to do on Lake Como, love food and wine, and walk around enjoying this early summer, we have something to suggest!

When it comes to visiting Lake Como, the places to see and the things to do are untold. For example, you can visit the marvellous villas, relax on a boat tour, experience an e-bike tour or do some trekking, or maybe please yourself with some good food and wine while exploring the enchanting town of Menaggio!

One thing is certain, after another year dazed by the Covid, it’s time to step out and enjoy some sun and open air while touring around.

What better opportunity than to come to Lake Como and experience a walking tour surrounded by Menaggio Castle’s ancient walls?

So, if this sounds great for you, please take note!

June 2, 3, 4: a historical, cultural, and culinary event will wait for you in Menaggio, our lovely town on magical Lake Como.

Menaggio: things to do and to experience on Lake Como

Menaggio, a little town in the province of Como, is located on the western shore of the lake, just 40 mins far from Como city center. It’s exactly the town where our Hotel Loveno is located, but we’ll talk about this later.

It’s a magical place, rich in history and incredible sights, as the American poet Wallace Stevens wrote “perhaps the truth depends on a walk around a lake”. How to blame him? 

There is a sense of peace and romanticism all around that you will never get tired of.

If you’re coming for the first time go to see Menaggio’s historical center and its many interesting spots that recall its importance throughout the ages. Narrow cobblestoned alleys lead up to the area called Castello, the medieval part of town. A long romantic lakeside promenade offers unique views and monuments, like the Monument dedicated to the Weaver. And much more.

Menaggio: history and curiosities

Menaggio was discovered by the first tourists, in the first half of the XVIII century, enchanted by its beauty and the mild climate. The grand hotels and the beautiful villas date back to that period, born to the great interest in this destination.

Together with its three hamlets, Croce, Loveno (where our hotel is located), and Nobiallo, connected by a circular road, Menaggio represents an excellent starting point to discover Lake Como and quickly reach Lake Lugano and other destinations in Italy or Switzerland.

There are plenty of things to do in Menaggio, despite its small size. 

You can see the impressive Villa Mylius Vigoni, the superb belvedere “la Crocetta”, and the Sanctuary of the Madonna della Pace with its beautiful XVII century architecture. Churches, villas, parks, and panoramic views are certainly not to be missed during your visit to Menaggio.

Via Castellino da Castello is one of the most characteristic streets of the town. Climbing up this street you’ll be entering the medieval part of Menaggio. It’s here that the Castle likely had its origins, between the VIII and the X century.

The site was particularly strategic, and its primary function was to supervise the transit on the Via Regina, an ancient Roman Road. So, the Castle was a real fortress, almost impregnable but, after centuries it was destroyed during the occupation of the Rhaetian militias in 1523. 

The Castle, as we know it nowadays, gives only a faint idea of how it was in the Middle Ages. However, its imposing perimeter walls can still be admired from several points. The houses in the upper part of Via Castellino da Castello follow the original contours of the castle and have many stories to be told.

This year, in Menaggio, a new, exciting event will animate all food and wine lovers coming to the Lake for the first weekend of June.

The event is called “Borgo Di…Vino” and will take place right in the heart of Menaggio: its Castle.

“Borgo Di…Vino” – an event for all enjoying Lake Como.

“Borgo Di…Vino” is the name of the event you can join on the first long weekend of June. That weekend is, for many, a very good occasion to leave the hustle and bustle of the city and take a 4-day break thanks to the celebration of “Republic Day”, on June the 2nd, a National Holiday in Italy. 

The event is thought to be an evening event, from 2nd to 4th of June 2022, opening every day at 4.30 pm and closing at 10.30 pm, with food and wine tasting points all around. 

Starting from Piazza Garibaldi, the town’s main square, you can wander with your tasting kit along the narrow streets and alleys heading to the beautiful Castle area.

On this occasion some private houses will open their own cellars, gardens, and courtyards, making the event even more intimate and exclusive.

A little brochure will guide you and show you the various tasting stops along the way but do try to “get lost” and leave the special atmosphere that only this place can give you.

All tastings are included with the entrance ticket you can purchase at the starting point or online, with the possibility also to have dinner, afterward, with typical dishes, related to the local history.

An event for all enjoying Lake Como and its initiatives.

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–  Sara

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