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A green Christmas for all the family

Como has always celebrated the most beautiful time of the year with little colourful markets and lights all around the city, but this year it has prepared not only a bright atmosphere: the city celebrates a green Christmas for all the family.

The city will be surrounded by many sustainable initiatives from the 5th of December till the 6th of January, organized by the Alessandro Volta Foundation in collaboration with various associations of the territory to make it really special.

Alessandro Volta Foundation intends to build its own institutional activities by drawing inspiration and suggestions both from its origins and from the statute of institution; all of this in an overall interpretation, able to pay off the statutory mandate with the proximity to the territory to generate an effective and concrete benefit to the citizens of Como.

Particularly important for the Foundation is to promote culture through science and knowledge development and then to generate education. That’s why the Foundation decided to create the innovative and modern project of the “green Christmas”.

Not only one single event but many of them, 15 minutes each for more than 250 animations with 200 artists: elves, marching bands, musicians, Santa Claus in green clothes for a very green Christmas.

How will it be a green Christmas for all?

In less than one year our life has completely changed, our habits have changed, our work has changed but not our willing to stay together and enjoy festivities in the most serene and lively way. Staying together at the right distance is possible and safe, especially in the open air, and it’s what the initiative wants to guarantee to all the people who will come to the event.

It will be a green Christmas for all the families who will visit the city centre and, beyond doing shopping in the narrow streets and elegant squares, it will be possible to feel surrounded by a real Santa Claus Village.

This lively green Christmas will be promoted by 6 sustainable actions that take place in the heart of the city to enhance people’s awareness about sustainability and how to preserve our environment. The initiatives are meant to involve the visitors by showing how to be sustainable in their everyday life and respect nature through little gestures and good behaviours.

A sort of tour among 250 animations and several artists showing us how to live in a more sustainable and cleaner fantastic world. Everyone could take part and see how many things can be realized with sustainable actions, natural fabrics and much more. Our lives can really change for better with simple actions.

Como will not stop its green Christmas even in case of lockdown

The period is not smiling, Covid-19 has not ceased its run yet and the risk of a new lockdown is always behind the corner.

Despite the recent lockdown in the region and the fear of a new one during the Christmas Holidays, due to tourism recovery and people meetings, Como wont’ stop its green Christmas even in case of a new lockdown, total or partial.

There won’t be any Christmas market or ice-skating rink as always, since this kind of events can cause crowds, the bars and restaurants will close at 6pm to limit infections but Como goes on looking forward.

Thanks to technology everyone could take part in all the initiatives from their living room, the city will literally enter our houses.

Taking part in this initiative in this way will be really easy. The possibilities are two in any case: doing a nice walk when the region will allow the movements from town to town or staying at home with your device on to see what’s going on in real time.

A crowdfunding project

Supporting this “green Christmas” initiative the Alessandro Volta Foundation has also organized a fundraising thanks to the collaboration of Comunità Comasca Foundation’s crowdfunding platform.

All details to donate are already available on the website and on the social media of this foundation and anyone can join the initiative by donate.

Why not taking this opportunity to help the needy in this heartful time of the year?

“Let’s join our strengths and make a gift to nature, let’s make a gift to the city”.

Como is adapting to change

For 26 years all the families have come to Como to enjoy the “Città dei Balocchi” during Christmas holidays but now it’s time to open our doors and let the city of toys come to us.

In this uncertain world, Como wants to bring a little bit of joy and happiness even if in a different way. A lot of nice events, for all the family and especially for children, can be followed on the main social media, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube: online videos, little shows, labs, music and theatre, that can be seen also “on demand”.

A new special edition to involve all, particularly those who are obliged to stay at home for health reasons.

The city will also respect the national guidelines respecting the city centre shops closing at 9pm to facilitate Christmas shopping, while it’s not possible for the malls to open during national holidays and days before holidays.

Even Christmas lights will be set only in some places, as decided by the Municipality: Piazza Verdi, Piazza Roma, Piazza del Popolo, Piazza San Fedele, Piazza Volta, Piazza Mazzini, via Garibaldi, via Milano, via Plinio, via C. Cantù, via Giovio, via V. Emanuele II, via Luini, via Rusconi, via Ballarini, via Indipendenza, via Natta, viale Lecco, via Manzoni, via Vittani via Muralto.

While any kind of “talking lighting / scenography” is prohibited.

We highly recommend you to come visit us despite all. We all need to stay at the open air and feel the magic even if only for a short time. Lombardy region will become a yellow zone between the 11th of december to the 6th of january 2021. So moving around will be much easier, always with the right consciousness.

We deserve it now more than ever.

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–  Sara

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