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Here at Hotel Loveno we really care about our planet and trying to keep it as clean and healthy as possible. We have, therefore, been trying to opt for some strategies to improve our sustainability.

We have met the people of up2you (link), specifically Andrea, at the 2020 edition of BIT in Milan, and decided to work with them on their reforestation projects so since last year we have equipped all of our rooms with these tags:

How does it work?

We paid for the planting of a number of trees, we started with 50 just to experiment! 

When our guests choose not to have their room cleaned during their stay we give them a tag with a code. With that code, they can check which tree they are helping to grow. 

Each tree donated to our guests will reduce pollution corresponding to the emission of a car running for 600kms!

The trees will be planted in different locations around the globe. 

We are actively contributing to the planting of Olive Trees in the Sulcis area in Sardinia, Italy and paulownias in Busto Arsizio (VA), Italy. These trees specifically improve the quality of the air and reduce pollution.

We also support projects in India, around the Pannur village where kids will look after the trees learning about the value of our nature; in Australia, trying to repair the damage done by the fires in New South Wales in 2020; and in Madagascar with both fruit trees on the Nosy Mitsio island and mangroves in Besalampy. Lastly, we will help protect the rainforest between Tanzania and Kenya.

Unfortunately, the pandemic has not made the completion of this project easy, but we are positive our guests will continue to appreciate it as much as we do and help us plant as many trees as possible!

Since the constitution of up2you, the company has grown a lot and its efforts are not limited to the travel and hospitality industry. They now also offer products for many companies who want to make a positive impact on fighting global warming and pollution, to help them reach carbon neutrality.

Help us help them and Happy planting!

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–  Sara

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