Hiking in (Menaggio) Lake Como: Rifugio Menaggio & up

Not far from Hotel Loveno you can find many opportunities for hiking around Lake Como. One example is to reach Rifugio Menaggio, a mountain hut at 1400 m. a.s.l. with a fantastic view of the lake below. It is interesting to note that the rifugio has been built by volunteers and thanks to donations back in 1952: it was considered an innovative infrastructure by hikers because from then on it was possible to hike also in winter and stay even overnight on the top of the mountain.

Another point which is worth to mention is about the sustainability of the rifugio: the structure is run by solar panels during all the year. The rifugio has the capacity to accommodate 20 people and gives sheets and pillows, while guests have to bring their own sleeping bag. Inside the infrastructure, there is a kitchen, two dining rooms, and a bathroom. The restaurant of the Rifugio is very simple offering local food like cheese, meat, wheat, and quality wine.

Regarding Menaggio, it is located on the north-west side of Lake Como and has an ancient history as the first inhabitants were the Gauls who appreciated the magnificent territory. In fact, the region offers numerous excursions in the mountains that surround it. A sign of history can be seen in the Municipality of Plesio, where you can visit the trenches of the Crocetta dating back to World War I.

You can reach Rifugio Menaggio from Breglia at 750 m. a.s.l. and it a very easy and panoramic path. In two hour you can reach the rifugio following the sign indicating rifugio Menaggio and have an amazing view on the lake and on the Prealps. From the rifugio, there are different itineraries to Monte Grona (1736 m. a.s.l.) and to the Saint Amate’s chapel at 1623 m. a.s.l.

Lake Como hiking rifugio menaggio

Recommended Lake Como hiking path starting from Rifugio Menaggio.

Route 1: Rifugio Menaggio- chapel S.Amate (1 hour)

This trail starts behind the rifugio with the sign “Forcoletta/Grona via normale”. You have to keep Forcoletta as an indication and when you are at the Forcoletta (1.627 m), follow the right, where you have a picturesque view of Lake Como to the south side and a view of the Alps and Val Sanagra to the north, and you can visit the little chapel of S.Amate.

Route 2: Rifugio Menaggio- Monte Grona

From Rifugio Menaggio, you can reach the top of Monte Grona (1.732 m), which has one of the most beautiful views of the Prealps, the three lakes of Como, Lugano (Switzerland) and Piano. Moreover, you can also see Monte Bregagno, Legnone, Pizzo di Gino, Grigne and if the sky is clear and sunny, you can even see the peaks of the Alps from Monviso to Bernina. There are three different ways to reach Monte Grona from Rifugio Menaggio: a normal and easy path behind the rifugio, a direct and fast way, and through via ferrata for experts.

Route 3: Rifugio Menaggio- Monte Bregagno (2 hours and 30)

This is the continuation of Route 1: from the chapel of S.Amate, you can reach the top of Monte Bregagno at 2107 m. a.s.l.

If you are planning already your trip to Menaggio during April 2019, there is a great opportunity for you to enjoy Lake Como Hiking, as the Alpine Italian Club organizes a guided excursion to Rifugio Menaggio on Sunday, 28th April 2019, or you can contact Slow Lake Como to have private hiking tour organized just for you.  

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– Mariya